About Oldster Foundation

Who We Are

Oldster Foundation is a community development charity organization set up to cater for the well-being of the elderly people in our society. We are committed to providing customized services to meet the healthcare, love and information needs of the elderly. Oldster is based on the belief that old age is golden and thus requires intense love and care. Hence, it provides well-being programs to facilitate positive lifestyle at old age.

Motto: Living happy, living well

The team consist of individuals that have a passion for the cause and demonstrate commitment to the cause through their financial and time contribution towards it. Also we recognize God as the center and we as the workers hence no hierarchy is demonstrated just a team lead.

Meet the Team

Sule Adeola Ebunoluwa
Adeola Sule

Sule Adeola Ebunoluwa is a graduate of Architecture from Covenant University and also holds a Master degree in Construction management from Coventry University in the United Kingdom. She has always been interested in volunteering for a cause and she finally got the opportunity during her master degree in 2013 when she volunteered for FWT a Centre for women which focuses on the well-being of Black Minority Groups (BMG) at Coventry. She served as an Assistant Coordinator for the monthly event targeted at the well-being of the BMG women in the community, which she did for a whole year. She later volunteered for Save the Children as a coordinator for two different events that involved raising funds and celebrating one of the pioneer volunteer at 100 years.

Towards the later part of her stay in UK, she felt an urge to bring this experience back to Nigeria to contribute to her society. She began to make observations on how to go about it, she started asking questions on where the care of our community is at the moment. She concluded and came up with the idea to set up a platform to create awareness for this care and how to maintain healthy lifestyle at old age. This thought and concern for the growth of the community and the well-being of the elderly in our society birthed the vision of Oldster Foundation.

Adeola is first of all a Jesus person who doesn’t do anything without the consent of the Holy Spirit. She is a committed individual who is determined to bring smiles to the faces of all especially the elderly in the society through her Oldster foundation. Against all odds she has been able to prove that one with God is one with all.

Segun Okoh

Segun Okoh is an IT solution entrepreneur with a vision of changing the business environment in Africa. A graduate of Joseph Ayo Babalola University with MSc Oil and Gas Management from Coventry University. He has proven track record in both the private and public sector in various industry both home and abroad.

During his degree in Coventry, he observed and adopted the culture of sharing, giving as well as community relationship which broadened his impression on the real meaning of love. This triggered his involvement in this cause to give back to the society by putting smile on the faces of the senior citizens.

Oluwabukola Dabi

Oluwabukola Dabi is a business developer. A graduate of English Language from Redeemers University. She holds an M.A in Human Resource Management from Coventry University. She currently works as a Business Developer at E-transact Plc. Her love for Christ and the passion to impacting lives positively led her to join the choir during her study at Coventry.

She also got involved in volunteering for various community services, visitations and love feast organized specially for the welfare of members of the church. For her, this serves as a platform to show love to the elderly and be part of their living well life. (1cor13:3).

Ibidun Sule

Sule Ibidun is an Accounts Executive specialized in Corporate Finance. She is a graduate of Covenant University (Banking & Finance) who has over the years developed a passion for impacting lives due to her involvement in various learnings and cause. She has proven consistency and demonstrated intelligence by excelling at every involvement.

Growing up with older parents also helped her sense of reasoning and can be said to be a wise child. She demonstrated selflessness by volunteering for HOPE Foundation and have thus decided to contribute her quota to the society by joining this cause to cater for the elderly.

Omotalade Kikelomo
Kikelomo Omotalade

Kikelomo is a young lady with a BSc and MSc in Architecture at Covenant University who overtime has developed interest in caring for both young and old. Her study year exposed her to balancing life through its opportunities and challenges especially bagging this degree being the youngest in her class. She has proven herself to be independent, strong and ready to show and embrace love at any time.

She was a no brainer to come on board when this initiative came up and she is delighted to invest her quota in making this cause fulfill its purpose as much as she can while she can.

Adebola Sobowale

With a B.Agric. in Animal Physiology from the University of Agriculture Abeokuta, he currently works with the International settlement Group of GTBank Plc. He’s not so outspoken but loves networking, and is passionate about world development. He also loves history and culture, especially of the Yoruba people.

He is a spontaneous person who is always ready to meet everyone’s needs around him as much as he can. Lending helping hand is a way of life for him and has joined this cause to encourage and ensure elderly wellbeing and love because God is love. (1John4:7-8).

Ayodeji Kalesanwo

Ayodeji Kalesanwo is a chartered accountant and financial consultant with specialty in Financial Management and Tax advisory. A graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University who also has a passion for impacting positively in people’s lives. He is analytical in nature and has excelled in the various financial sector he has worked with.

His learning has exposed him to writing detailed and intelligent business plans which he demonstrated by the contributions he made to the proposal of this cause. He began to develop interest for the cause and have decided to join this cause to achieve her purpose.