Our Board

Meet the board members of the Oldster Foundation

Taslim Akerele

Taslim Akerele holds an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University and a graduate with top honors with B.Sc. Economics from Babcock University. He has over five years of professional experience in internet start-ups.
Taslim has managed the development of several web start-ups over his career, successfully securing funding for prayerbox.co. His insight on creative and unconventional marketing strategies, and his experience with developing and operating start-ups on lean budget have proved invaluable.

He is a product development professional with sound analytical problem solving abilities, deep user insight and business intuition. His commitment to excellent work standards adds value to the team. His experience is well vast, covering Micro-Financing, Accounting, Administration, Business Aviation and information Technology. He excels at idea creation, exploiting opportunities, product development, advisory, strategy and planning.

Abosede Oyewole

Abosede has a first degree in pure and applied Chemistry from the University of Ibadan. And a second degree in Environmental management from Coventry University in the United Kingdom, where she also bagged a post graduate degree in oil and gas management.

Whilst growing up, Abosede discovered a strong passion in her towards helping people whether physically challenged, sick, impoverished, downtrodden and everyone that needs help in one way or the other. This has really propelled her to touch lives every where her paths crossed in the simplest way possible.

Studying in the UK not only paved way for an international experience but most importantly an unforgettable experience of taking care of old people and people with disability. As a result of her love for helping people she was able to give genuine love and care to them thereby leaving indelible marks in their lives.

Abosede is not perfect in her ways, but depends on the perfection of The HolySpirit to make her a better being. She is a singer who also loves to share the word of God through the help of The HolySpirit to encourage souls. She is willing to go extra miles for people around her to be happy and comfortable, hence her joining the Oldster team. An avenue for her to deliver all her God given potentials.

Abosede’s journey in life has been full of several ups and downs, yet she has been strong and consistent believing that God holds a very bright future for her. She also hopes to continue doing good all her life.